The Fire
Next Time

Podcast/Newsletter about this precious and crazy world

God gave Noah the rainbow sign
No more water but the fire next time

Fire Next Time

We’re not going back. What comes next?

Our world is full of systems built on fairytales of eternal economic growth, that have been pushed beyond their breaking point. We explore how things are today and how they can be in the future with guests from diverse fields, in the hope we’ll do better next time.

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#6: What the Future Looks Like
A few weeks back, I was in SF and just missed Amit Pradhan, with whom I recorded a podcast on how …
#5: Empathy
Empathy is something that's always fascinated me. As a professional communicator and one of the most interesting people I know, …
#4: The Sacred Tribe of Bankers
Some time ago, a friend told me about a heart-rending experience she had, where she lost her best friend and …